Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Why India should say No to UNSC seat sans Veto

"The Security Council is not like an aircraft, with first-class, business and economy seats."- Ryozo Kato, Japan's Ambassodor to the USA.

Exactly so. Not giving veto power to the proposed new permanent member nations would be great discrimnation. Why different power levels amongst the permanent members? There cannot be double standards.

India must boldly refuse permanent member seat san veto, and inspire the other G-4 ountries - Japan, Brazil and Germany to do the same. Non-veto seat would be simply meaningless, as India cannot influence any decision in the UN. The USA has been imposing its decisions on the UN, and violated the sanctity of the most powerful world body. Iraq case was an example. India must play effective role to help UN build a peaceful, secure and prosperous world. Decisions in the UN must be taken by all member nations concerned and not arbitrarily by America.

Veto will make India a confident and judicious leader by allowing it to boycott any decision in the UN which it thinks is not in the common interest. Without veto power, India cannot perform its duty as a leader, but will end up being another puppet of the US.
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